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6 Natural A-Beauty Home Spa Ideas to Gift This Christmas

by Noelle Australia |

The most wonderful time of year is just around the corner. And with the year that was, we could all use a little celebration. 2020 has been a tough one, so we can’t think of anything better than luscious at-home spa gifts that encourage a little self-care.


Make it truly luxurious by choosing natural products that skip the nasties and instead, use the power of home-grown Australian botanicals that nourish the body and soothe a busy mind. Wondering where in the world you can find such wonderful gifts? The answer is right here, with these six A-Beauty gifts that are inspired by Australia’s natural gems.



Noelle - Australian Wilderness Bath Bomb Collection


Australian Wilderness Bath Bomb Collection


There are few things more satisfying than watching a bath bomb fizzle away into water as it fills the bathroom with an air of tranquillity. Bath bombs are also really fun and make for a lovely treat as a gift. And when they’re infused with lush oils such as Lavender, Rose, Grapeseed and Geranium (just to name a few) - you know that your skin is in for a treat too.


Our Australian Wilderness Bath Bomb collection comes with an Outback, Marine, Rainforest and Woodland bath bomb. Each one is made with the same nourishing base ingredients that make a creamy and moisture-rich bath.


We’ve also added a few standout ingredients to help to create a different spa experience for each bomb. Quandong fruit extract and Wattleseed oil will nourish your body and as it helps you dream of a vast outback landscape. You can relish in the regenerative powers of Tasmanian Brown Seaweed extract as you soak in the scent of the sea. Tea Tree and Eucalyptus will alleviate stress and make you feel like you’re surrounded by the rainforest. And Hibiscus flower extract and Mandarin Peel Oil will replenish your body as it energises your mind with woodland scents.


It’s the perfect gift for: Anyone that loves to bathe, or someone that could use an excuse to practice more self-care.



Noelle - Australian Landmark Votive Candle Wardrobe


Australian Landmark Votive Candle Wardrobe


We’re lucky to have a big and beautiful backyard in Australia to call home. There are so many gorgeous landscapes and world-renowned destinations to be discovered, and you can celebrate them with the Australian Landmark Votive Candle Wardrobe. This set of six soy candles will take you from the beach to the bush with the spark of a wick.


It includes a Queensland Beach Surge Candle inspired by Whitehaven Beach; a Blue Mountains scented Mountain Haze Candle; a Gold Medal Candle inspired by rustic treasure, Ballarat; a Forest Spell Candle inspired by Kakadu; a Flinders Ranges scented Earthy Echo Candle and a WA Gourmet Escape Candle infused with the culinary delights of Margaret River.


It’s the perfect gift for: Explorers that would love to be reminded of their travels (or inspired to get out there), homebodies that love to switch up scents in their home, or anyone that’s tricky to buy for: candles that celebrate Australia - who wouldn’t love that?



Noelle Australia - Marine Regenerate Ultimate Weekender Tote


Marine Regenerate Ultimate Weekender Tote


There’s nothing quite like an escape to the sea in an Australian summer. Except maybe this ultra-indulgent, moisturising gift set. The Regenerate Skin Smoothing Kit and Regenerate Home Spa Kit come together in this beach (and Instagram-friendly) tote to create the perfect summer skin-saving set.


Revitalise your skin after each beach day with the regenerative powers of Tasmanian Brown Seaweed, the star ingredient in each of these delicious products. The hair & body wash and body scrub will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean, and the body butter and body & hand lotion will revitalise sundrenched skin that could use a little moisture. And if that weren’t enough, you can relax with a bath soak and soothing scented candle.


It’s the perfect gift for: Anyone planning a beach getaway, or sunseekers that will need to feed their skin over the summer.



Noelle Australia - Outback Duo Hand Care Kit


Outback Luxury Nourish Duo Hand Care Kit


A luxurious hand wash and hand lotion set is a wonderful gift that anyone can use. It can be used in the office, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. And because 2020 was all about handwashing and sanitising, our hands could use all the moisturising help they can get.


This divine hand wash and hand lotion set is enriched with Quandong and Wattleseed Oil, two native skin-nourishing ingredients harvested from Australia’s arid regions. This duo is as hard-working as your hands and includes Rose essential oil to help to even skin tone, Lavender essential oil to soothe and Geranium essential oil to leave your skin feeling more supple.


It’s the perfect gift for: Anyone who’s hands have been dried out by too much sanitiser, or your work wife (you’ll also be able to borrow a pump or two in the office)!



Noelle Australia - Outback Nourish Travel Set


Outback Luxury Nourish Travel Set


The same outback botanicals are featured in this carry-on compliant travel set that will nourish from head-to-toe. Quandong fruit extract and Wattleseed Oil are infused into 60ml bottles of Nourish Body Wash, Nourish Body Lotion, Nourish Shampoo and Nourish Conditioner.


Your skin will also reap in the rejuvenating benefits of Rose Oil (to even skin tone) and Geranium Oil (to improve texture), while Lavender Oil will help to relax and calm the mind. This luxurious little travel set is packed into a stylish canvas cosmetic bag that makes it an even prettier present.


It’s the perfect gift for: Anyone with travel plans or a sister or aunt that loves to sample new cosmetic sets.



Noelle Australia - Rainforest Mini Body Care Coffret


Rainforest Stress Relief Mini Bodycare Coffret


Enriched with detoxifying Tea Tree Oil and soothing Eucalyptus, this Rainforest Stress Relief set is just what we all need at the end of a tough year. The set contains body wash and soap that will truly help to relax with the calming effects of Lavender oil.


The super-rich body lotion locks in moisture with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and Macadamia Seed Oil. This glorious mixture of oils and extracts smells as good as it sounds and will instantly envelop you with the tranquillity of the rainforest.


It’s the perfect gift for: Parents that could use a little rest and relaxation in the shower, that Kris Kringle that is tough to buy for (this is an excellent unisex spa-set), or anyone that feels stressed by 2020 – so everyone.

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