Active Wellness

Bringing back joy
and your best self

Spa from home with advanced Wellness and Ritual Kits to help you stay healthier, stronger and happier

COVID has changed the way we live
so Noelle is updating the way we self-care!

Noelle is all about helping modern women take time for active self-care with spa-grade wellness products and ritual kits designed for use at home.  Through the power of Australian botanical extracts and advanced formulations that feel good to use, we're making pampering sessions at home so luxurious, effective and joyful that they become essential.

Kangaroo Flower & Rose Revive Thermal Eye Mask

When we're tired, have had a lack of sleep or too much screen time - it shows in our eyes.  This is why we've developed an easy-to-use thermal eye mask to rejuvenate and nourish the delicate skin around our eyes. Perfect for keeping fine lines at bay and de-puffing tired eyes!


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Restorative 40oC sauna steam

Warms to improve blood circulation, help your eyes rest and encourage our enriching ingredients to penetrate more deeply.  A quick boost to soothe your eyes and to reduce anxiety and stress.

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Instant eye firming and de-puffing 

Kangaroo Flower Extract rejuvenates the skin around the eyes.  It contains Ferulic Acid and Linoleic Acid that keep skin youthful.  Ferulic Acid neutralises free-radical damage while Linoleic Acid deeply hydrates and prevents moisture loss.

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Professional spa-grade formulae

Rose Oil blends with aromatherapeutic essential oil mix to deliver antioxidants and hydrating properties and induce calm and peace.  It is also a decadent scent that will make you feel like a queen.


Best incorporated into an evening ritual, before or at bedtime to maximise beauty sleep.  But its portability and ease of use make it perfect for an eye revival after a restless night, at the office for a quick refresh or to look your best before an event.

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x Matthew Langille

It's been a stressful time, so prioritising rituals that make you look and feel good is more important than ever.  Our capsule collection features products with effective Australian botanicals that work wonders for your skin coupled with essential oils for added aromatherapy.  But we wanted to make each and every step of the ritual a joyful experience, so we partnered with New York artist Matthew Langille to create unique designs for our kits.  His colourful, feminine and playful artwork will spark joy and get you in the right mindset to relax, indulge and have fun.

Reset-My-Soul Kit

Reinvigorate your skin and your soul with our Reset-My-Soul Kit.  It includes a clay mask and two thermal eye masks that are infused with natural Australian ingredients and powerful botanical extracts to help you relax put your freshest face forward.  The kit also comes with a super-yet-comfy headband in a playful design by Matthew Langille.  It won't feel tight so you can stay relaxed during your spa session and will keep your hair away from your face.

Brighten & lift skin

Relieve puffy eyes

Promote beauty sleep

Decadent spa scents


  • Kangaroo Paw Flower to firm and smooth
  • Kakadu Plum to brighten and plump
  • Rose to hydrate and reduce wrinkles
  • Super-comfy designer hair band 
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A little bit of beauty goes a long way

We're proud to support the Australian Koala Foundation and Dreams2Live4 with these new Noelle products. 

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