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Australia, the world's largest island continent spanning 7.6 million square kms. A land dominated by coastal towns and a vast, uncharted wilderness calling out for the adventurous to explore.

That's where our story is set.

Our Route

During the Christmas holidays of 2006, we set off on a summer adventure mapping out a route that would cover nearly every state and territory of Australia to explore destinations worthy of any bucket list.

From Whitehaven Beach to the UNESCO listed Blue Mountains, Ballarat to the ancient Kakadu National Park. Across the desert plains of Flinders Ranges and a well deserved rest in Margaret River with it's renowned wineries that span from the hills to the ocean.

Our Experience

The sights, sounds and smells were all so vastly different yet at the same time we came to know them as uniquely Australian.

We were totally refreshed and rejuvenated after immersing ourselves in such an abundance of sensory delights from the vastly difference places we visited. As we explored further, we came to find the amazing aromas and learn about the incredible healing properties of the native plants that thrive in the Australian wilderness.

All the stresses from our daily lives, washed away by the vibrancy and natural luxury that we encountered.

Our Excitement

Ours wasn't your everyday adventure, it was far beyond and we left with a dream to create a range of holistic products to help connect others with the natural luxury of Australia, bringing the vibrancy and power of nature into your daily skincare rituals.

And so, on our Christmas adventure, NOELLE AUSTRALIA was born.

A range of products that represent our heartfelt expression of the sophistication and natural luxury found in the Australian wilderness.

Our Philosophy

We could all do with a little break from our modern tech-filled lives, but that is easier said than done. Through our holistically curated collection of uniquely-Australian skincare products, you'll feel submerged in the ambient delights of the Australian wilderness and be pampered by our wildly harvested nutrient-rich native plants extracts that heal the skin and soothe the mind.

Discover the amazing effects of Australia’s best plant and marine actives free from Parabens, Phenoxyethanols, SLES and Dimethicones.

100% Natural Ingredients

100% Vegan

100% Cruelty Free

Our Hero Ingredients

Rainforest Luxury


Stress Relief Benefits:
Soothes tired skin
Relexes body & mind

Rainforest Luxury

Tea Tree

Stress Relief Benefits:
Supports skin repair

Woodland Luxury

Wild Hibiscus

Energising Benefits:
Deeply conditioning
Strengthen & protects skin

Woodland Luxury


Energising Benefits:
Revives body & mind
Awakens & revitalises skin

Marine Luxury

Tasmanian Brown Seaweed

Regenerative Benefits:
Protects & soothes skin
Boosts moisture retention

Outback Luxury

Australian Sandalwood

Nourishing Benefits:
Reduce fine lines
Improves skin tone

Outback Luxury


Nourishing Benefits:
Supports collagen
Boosts deep hydration
Aids skin repairs

Outback Luxury


Nourishing Benefits:
Regenerates skin
Soothes sensitive skin
Boosts skin’s radiance

Bushfood Luxury

Kakadu Plum

The Kakadu Plum is truly Australia's skincare superhero with 100x the Vitamin C of oranges to fight ageing and keep your face feeling your face fresh.